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Thought I’ll add a few photos that have not been uploaded for quite some time.

The Lest we forget needs updating too. So, if someone you know from Tangy is not there, email me the obituary card or details. If you want your photos included email me with your credits on the photo to show who had taken it.




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Wikipedia on Tangasseri


The following extract is from Wikipedia as on 26/07/2011


The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a trading center in Tangasseri, Kollam in 1502, which became the centre of trade in pepper. In the wars with the Moors/Arabs that followed, the ancient church of St Thomas was destroyed. In 1517, the Portuguese built the St. Thomas Fort in Thangasseri, which was destroyed in the subsequent wars with the Dutch. The ruins of the Fort can still be seen in Thangasseri. In 1661, the Dutch took possession of the city. The remnants of the Dutch forts can be found at Thangasseri. In the 18th century, Travancore conquered Kollam, followed by the British in 1795. Thangasseri remains today as an Anglo-Indian settlement, though few Anglo-Indians remain. The Infant Jesus Church in Thangasseri, an old Portuguese-built church, remains as a memento of the Portuguese rule of the area.

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Buckingham Canal

Just read about the Buckingham Canal. The article published in Express News
Service , The New Indian Express
Posted on Jul 23, 2011 at 01:22pm
on reclamation of the Buckingham canal.

The Buckingham canal is a man made canal, the earth of which was used to build the Flagstaff and the road from Bona Vista to the Flagstaff.
The Flagstaff did not exist. The actual graveyards of the many people who lost their lives in battle, or died in shipwrecks on the rocky shores were buried under the Flagstaff. Their graves are probably a good thirty feet below the present flagstaff.
It was then that the two graveyards were created to bury and commemorate the more notable like Captains and Majors who died in these wars. The graveyards used to be a protected site as well as far as I can remmeber. The gates to these cemetries were also locked.
My father once told me that a large portuguese ship laden with gold had struck a rock and sank in the sea off the coast of Tangasseri. When I was about 7 or 8, he showed me the approximate location and direction where the ship sank. In those days no one ever thought of looking for it, in those treacherous waters. The Tangasseri Lighthouse was built to warn ships to stay clear of this rocky coast.
On one occasion during the 2nd world war, he took us to the shore as according to him, there was a submarine scouring the sea. He claimed he could see the periscope, but I could not, not knowing what I was looking for as a young boy.
Am not sure if the Church bells in Tangasseri, still toll at 8PM – when Tangasserians prayed for the souls of these dead Dutch and Portuguese people.

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Hello world!

Hi everyone!
This space will be devoted to a little known place like Tangasseri, located in Quilon, in Southern India.
Watch this space.

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